Your Pre-Moving Workout Routine

Moving can be incredibly hard not just mentally, but also physically. All the lifting, pulling, stepping, climbing up and down stairs can really take it’s toll on your body. So we’ve decided to help you out with a quick workout routine to help get you in moving shape for the big day.




You’re basically going to be lifting up hundreds of lbs. of boxes, beds, furniture and dishes, so you want to make sure your back, especially the lower back are strong as steel.


With a box of heavy books, bend over, grab firmly and lift, being careful to keep your spine straight. Now repeat 30 times in 10 interval reps.


Dumbbell curls


Curls are for the girls and for those incredibly heavy couches. Dumbbell curls provide quick results and get your biceps in awesome moving condition. Just imagine the look on that cute girl in 1Bs face when you come out your apartment with an armload of kitchen equipment.


With a pair garbage bags full of non-breakables (clothes, pillows, silverware, kitchen gadgets) lift alternatively in 20 rep sets, repeating 3 times.




A strong back is essential to moving day. Your back carries most of the weight that’s in those boxes, pivots those couches and carefully transcends those flights of stairs. Pullups, while being extremely difficult make sure your back won’t break during the big day.


Place a set of pull-up bars in your doorframe and lift yourself above chin level 15 times in a row, 3 sets each. If you don’t have a pull-ups bar lifting a box of books over your head will do the trick.




Strong legs carry those electronics down stairs without tripping, falling and smashing. Keeping them in shape and getting them ready for moving day is key to a safe, and tiresome moving day.


Grab your television and lift over your head. Now squat, focusing on your leg muscles and butt muscles. Maintain good posture and squat 15 times in a set, 3 sets in a workout.




Probably the most famous home workout of all time. Not only does this workout strengthen your arms, chest and back, but your core will be on fire if you do enough. A healthy dose of push ups everyday will make sure you’ll be able to move your entire apartment in a brisk five hours.


Do a set of 20 pushups with a fifteen second rest in between. To make them even harder, try balancing a box of fragile dishes on your back to see how steady and strong your core gets.


Abs of Steel


What good are strong legs and arms if your midsection is jelly? A set of crunches, leg lifts, superman’s, bicycles, sit ups, planks and about 17 more exercises will make your core burn and give you a taste of what to expect on moving day.



Just hire a mover!


Seriously. Moving is hard and the less you have to deal with the better. Save your workout routines for the gym and focus on getting yourself safely and easily into your new place. Of course if you’re into massive bodybuilding workouts days before a big move, then by all means, enjoy sweating up a storm with the above exercises.