Your Last Minute Moving Checklist

There’s so much to remember on moving day. Besides making sure you hire the right movers with the right equipment it’s crucial to have a game plan. You should be packing and preparing week’s before a big move and the more you can accomplish earlier, the less of a headache you’ll have on moving day. We’ve collected a few last minute- items to remember pre-move to make for a way better post-move.


Pack an Essentials Bag


This means your toothbrush, hair stuff, deodorant, etc. Anything that you would need without having to unpack your whole life. If you’re move consists of multiple days and states, make sure you also have enough emergency cash, changes of clothes and medication. The worst thing ever is getting everything packed perfectly in the moving truck, only to realize that your toothbrush is in the box all the way in the back.


Take a Picture of Your Electronics Set Up


Was the red plug here? Or was that the yellow one? Or blue? Electronics are difficult to setup and most likely you don’t have the instructions. Regardless, you have the perfect setup with speakers, DVD, video games and more so rather than guessing, take a picture of your setup so you know exactly which plug goes where.


Make Sure You Have Plenty of Supplies


There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you were one box short or one roll of tape short. Most moving places buy back boxes that you don’t use so over estimate your boxes rather than underestimate. Plus make sure you have plenty of tape and markers, as they can get lost or dry out very easily.


Use Your Luggage


Most people have ready-made boxes that are perfect for packing. Sure you’re not traveling to the beach, but your suitcase is an ideal place to pack up clothes, electronics, books or anything else you don’t want to carry. Plus, most luggage have wheels making it even easier to move when it comes to the big day.


Keep Important Paperwork and Valuables With You


You don’t want to be the guy holding up your realtor or new landlord looking for your contract in a billion boxes while they wait. Keep all important documents and valuables within easy reach so you can grab it right when you get to your new home.


Don’t Pack Up Your Broom Yet


One of the last things you should do before you leave is give a courtesy sweep. All those dust bunnies and fur balls can be hidden for years and on moving day they come out. You don’t want to leave that for someone else to clean up so give a quick sweep with your broom and then get on your way.


Change Your Mailing Address Early


It usually takes several weeks to a month for a change of address to go through. Make sure to do your early so any important bills, letters or even magazines get to your house when you do.


Defrost Your Fridge a Day Early


If you own a fridge and are taking it with you, make sure to defrost your fridge at least a day before the big day. Be sure to keep a towel around too so you can wipe down any excess liquid that may have collected during the defrosting process.