Why Moving Is (Can Be) Awesome

You know as much as people complain about moving, there are actually some pretty great things about picking up everything, changing environments and finding a new place to call home. Sure moving day can be stressful (though a whole lot less if you actually hire professional movers who do all the heavy lifting for you) but we want to highlight how awesome moving can be. It’s not all twisting down stairways and heaving box after box. So while moving day might not seem as cool as “ice cream day” or even “wacky tie day” at work, we’re here to tell you some things to get excited about on moving day.


Find Hidden Treasure


When you move, you’re literally moving everything you’ve ever owned. Digging through all your old junk can be a pain, but think of it as a treasure hunt. Think it’s cool to find a hidden $5 bill on moving day? Well cleaning out your closet might result in finding a long lost favorite sweater clumped in a corner or even your own “Awesome Mix Tape” you made back in high school. We don’t necessarily recommend dressing like a pirate when cleaning out your stuff, but we’re also not entirely against it.


Deep Clean Everything


Let’s be honest. You’ve been meaning to dust that dresser since you moved in right? Well on moving day, it’s incredibly easy to just take an old rag and wipe down desks, dressers, end tables and anything else that’s already been cleared off. So get ready furniture, you’re about to get all lemony and free of dust.


Finally Clean Out That Fridge


Speaking of deep cleans, what’s been growing in the back of your fridge? Moving day is a great reason to try to eat everything in your cupboards and freezer. You may have never known that frozen pizza, canned beans and ketchup made a delicious dinner, but hey, no wasting food right? Plus, save some of your deposit (and just do a common courtesy) by giving that old fridge a good scrub down.


Play Decorator


You might not know anything about Feng Shui, but moving gives you the perfect chance to embrace your inner decorator. Maybe that chair really would flow better in another corner. Maybe purple drapes would totally bring out the color of your couch. Moving gives you a chance to give your stuff and your new home a face-lift. You basically have a blank canvas to create your new perfect home. Best thing to do? Experiment around, draw up a quick sketch and see what works best for you and your new home.


Get New Stuff


Movers are experts at actually knowing how to get things from point A to point B (AKA your new home). They’ll save you tons in broken dishes, furniture and more, but even with the best movers, things are going to get lost, or misplaced on moving day. Eventually you’ll realize you need a brand new trash can, shower curtain, or ironing board. But moving day creates a perfect excuse to get all new shiny toys, furniture and home essentials. Enjoy it and make it totally your own.


New Food!


Finally one of the coolest things about moving into a new neighborhood is seeing all the great restaurants, grocery stores and diners near you. Your first week will be full of take out menus, flyers and deals. Enjoy them, get delivery and most importantly, enjoy your new home.