Things That Suck To Move By Yourself

When’s the last time you deadlifted 200lbs? How about 100? Heck, when is the last time you carried a bunch of overflowing groceries up a few flights of stairs? Our point being, movers are awesome. They literally do all the heavy lifting for you. They have the equipment; they have the muscles and the stamina to move all your heavy stuff for you. So take a moment to imagine your apartment, your house, or even just your garage. Now imagine moving everything in there by yourself and with your friend Jim who hasn’t done a pushup since Middle School. In case you can’t visualize the suckitude of moving without professional help, let’s take a quick tour of your stuff and think about which would be the worst to try to move solo.


Bed    moving_bed

The average bed weighs around 150 lbs. Your bed frame (assuming you’re a classy person and have a solid wood frame) weighs closer to 200 lbs. Coming in at a feather lightweight of 75 lbs, your box spring (depending on the size/quality of course). While you could save some money asking your neighbor across the hall who cooks soup at weird times for help, is it really going to save your back, time or walls? Trust us and let us move it for you. Beds are made for sleeping not moving.


TV and Electronics


You just upgraded to that new 4K TV and you’re really going to trust Mia, the cute girl from down the hall who couldn’t lift a plate take the back end down the stairs? Electronics are complicated and delicate machines and one wrong turn could shake the wrong part and suddenly your new toy has a whole bunch of defects. Movers come with electronic protector pads, stretch wrap, cushioning blankets and insulated crates to protect your most valuable possessions.




We don’t care if it’s a love seat or just a slightly larger than average ottoman, furniture is freaking heavy and awkward to move with a buddy, let alone by yourself. Sure tossing pillows out the window can be fun, but when it comes to your favorite afternoon nap zone, couches are tricky to move from point A to point B. Get people who know how to not only lift properly to avoid injury, but can pivot, twist, and maneuver their way down a staircase without scratching up the landlords walls.


Workout Equipment


Weights aside, you don’t need a workout just to move your workout equipment. Dumbbells might be easier to carry (though still really heavy) but bicycles, treadmills and ellipticals are oddly shaped and gripping these bad boys can easily go wrong. Even if you’ve been hitting the gym a bunch, let the pros handle maneuvering your home gym to it’s new home.




Your Great-Great-Great Grandfather’s Grandfather Clock? Your Auntie Beth’s precious hope chest? Cousin Bob’s marble top end table? These items have a special place in your heart and are priceless. One wrong move and they’re history. No replacements. No re-dos. No more antiques. Movers know when something is fragile it means, move with caution, not throw into back of the truck. When you hire movers, you also hire peace of mind for you, your stuff and of course Grandma’s antiques.