Piano Moving

Piano Moving

Pianos are a delicate instrument so when you plan to move it, you should leave it up to professionals. The most important part of moving a piano is packing it for protection. We carefully wrap the piano in layers of blankets to keep the finish protected and secure the interior. Getting your piano to its final destination without leaving a mark on those black and white keys is our top priority. Your piano will be safe in the hands of our professionals.

A Few Points to Bear in Mind:

Use piano moving professionals

We move pianos without any worry. The pianos are carefully wrapped to ensure full protection during its move. Our professionals are trained to handle stairs, narrow hallways and sharp corners so there is no need to worry about your piano or walls.

Do not attempt a piano move on your own

Did you know a grand piano can weigh anywhere from 500 – 1200 lbs and baby grands between 500 – 800 lbs. Even a small upright piano can weigh from 300 – 400 lbs! Not only are pianos heavy but they’re top heavy because most of the weight comes from its extremely heavy cast iron harp – this means it’s easy to tip. If you scratch a piano, refinishing it can be very expensive. Moving a piano requires attention and carefulness which we provide!

We can give you a free estimate for your piano move!