Packing & Materials

Packing and Materials

You can have us do it all, do it yourself, or anything in between. You choose and let us know your needs. Packing is the most obvious part of moving any type of move. It looks easy – just put things in boxes and take them out when your move is over, right? Most of that is true, but there is a skill to packing to make sure your most treasured possessions are fully protected during a move.

Whether you need boxes and wrapping paper, packing up the whole house and yard or just a few items and unpacking all your valuables, we are here for you.

We offer packing and unpacking to any level and materials to fit your budget:

Packing before your move

Our trained team of packers will arrive ready to pack your items professionally and safely. We can pack it all – even those dust bunnies under the sofa if you want!

Pack room-room, full-home or few-treasured-items

We can tailor packing to your desire. Let us know what you would like us to safely pack and we will provide you with a free estimate and exceptional service ensuring your items are protected.

Packing materials don’t have to break the bank

Many are shocked when they notice materials take up a lot from a moving budget. We have tape, boxes and wrapping materials. Let us know what you need or we can provide you with an estimated materials list based on your home.

Unpacking service

Ahh… the move is over, but not quite completely over. Instead of leaving your home with boxes left for you to unpack, we can unpack everything for you! Of course we will always move your furniture and boxes exactly where you want them free of charge but we can go the extra step by unpacking your items and discarding the boxes so you don’t have to!

Give us a call to let us know what type of service you want with your move!