How To Pack Like a Moving Pro

Anyone can buy a couple of cardboard boxes and toss stuff into them hoping they make it into your new home in one piece. We’re here to give you some quick tips on how to pack your moving boxes like a professional. After all you need to make sure once you’re in your new place, you still have all your stuff to fill it with. So before you grab your masking tape and big black markers, follow these tips.


Fragile Glassware and Wine Cups Should Be Stuffed


Probably the most common item broken during moves is stemware and glassware. You can severely reduce the amount of breakage by grabbing a whole bunch of old newspaper or socks and stuffing your wine glasses, juice cups and more before placing them in their boxes. Plus, stuffing the remainder of the box with towels or bubble wrap will ensure that movement is kept to a minimum and you still have a glass to drink that celebratory wine out of.


Label Boxes Including Their Room


Everyone marks up their boxes with “clothes”, “stuff” or “fragile junk” but the really smart movers know that including their final resting place saves tons of time. Knowing one box belongs in the kitchen and another belongs in the bedroom not only can help you pack accordingly and separate boxes in the truck, but the movers will know exactly where to take those boxes once you arrive to your final destination.


Pack Plates Vertically


Along with glassware, plates are another culprit to get easily broken during a big move. Minimize damage by placing your plates in vertically, like you’d pack a box of old records. This leaves space in between the plates and causes little to know extra weight and stress on your already fragile plates. We’d also recommend wrapping plates individually with old newspapers as cushioning. Just remember to wash all your plates before using again.


Stretch Wrap is Your Friend


Your drawers full of silverware? Your jewelry setup? Your DVD collection? Sure you could painstakingly remove, organize, repack, seal up, remove, unpack and re-organize all your drawers or you could just leave them as they are and keep them that way with a well-placed piece of shrink-wrap. Amazingly, the plastic will keep everything exactly how it was prior to the move with little to no shuffling.


Put Clothes on Hangers in a Giant Plastic Bag


This is such a time saver you’ll be kicking yourself if you forget this. Instead of taking clothes off each hanger individually, trying to find a way to pack all these awkward hangers, re-hang your clothes and so on, just wrap up a bunch of your clothes in a contained, strong plastic trash bag. You can grab all your clothes in one trip rather than dealing with boxes on boxes of clothes. Plus, this will keep your nice clothes virtually wrinkle free post move.


Pack Everything Before the Movers Get There


Yup. This is a huge time saver for you and your movers. Remember movers are typically paid per the hour, so unless you don’t mind paying some strong movers to find all your knick knacks and put them in a box of extras, Pack up everything so when it comes to moving day you can be in and out faster, easier and cheaper.