Thanksgiving Food Drive

The holiday season is drawing near! Read how Supernova Moving is giving thanks this holiday season and how to join us!

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7 Reason You Should Definitely Get A Mover

Moving sucks. Actually, let’s rephrase that. Moving by yourself sucks. Yet every day thousands of people decide to do it!

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Your Last Minute Moving Checklist

There’s so much to remember on moving day. Besides making sure you hire the right movers with the right equipment […]

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How To Pack Like a Moving Pro

Anyone can buy a couple of cardboard boxes and toss stuff into them hoping they make it into your new […]

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Your Pre-Moving Workout Routine

Moving can be incredibly hard not just mentally, but also physically. All the lifting, pulling, stepping, climbing up and down […]

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Why Moving Is (Can Be) Awesome

You know as much as people complain about moving, there are actually some pretty great things about picking up everything, […]

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