7 Reason You Should Definitely Get A Mover

Moving sucks. Actually, let’s rephrase that. Moving by yourself sucks. Yet every day thousands of people decide to save a few bucks and attempt to move themselves. With a recruited army of friend, second cousins and people found on the street, many of these do-it-yourself movers not only end up with broken lamps, boxes, and feelings, but end up breaking even when it’s all said and done. Sure, pizza and beer will get your friends to help, but they don’t care about your stuff like you do. We’re here to save you the headache of moving and help make it actually fun.

In fact, we’ve created this list of 10 things you’ll save by hiring movers that’s even more valuable than saving a couple bucks. So hang onto your beer money and check out these very important reasons why it pays to let someone else move your stuff.

Save Your Personal Health:116

Fact. Dressers, couches and electronics are heavy. Sure carrying down your push broom and pillows is easy enough, but when it comes to the heavy stuff, you can really hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. Movers are trained professionals with dedicated equipment designed to protect them from injury and get your end table out the front door. So save your back, joints, hands, toes, heads, and ankles and let us do the heavy lifting.

Save Yourself From Stairs:


The single worst word when it comes to moving. Stairs. Only made worse with the addition of “flights of”. Even if your building has an elevator there’s going to be something that doesn’t quite fit and thus the stairs begin their torture. Plus, once you finally get everything out, there’s an even worse event in store. Going up. Save yourself the hassle and let the pros handle the ups and downs of moving day.

Save Your Deposit:


Within your walls are literally hundreds of dollars in the form of your security deposit. One wrong move from a clumsy friend, or an off balance couch lift, your walls are scratched along with your deposit. Movers are pros and know all the tricks of the trade (using wall protectors for tight corners, keeping a patch kit on hand, etc.). Think of hiring movers as a future investment and secure your deposit.

Save Your Driving Record:


Have you ever driven a moving truck? How about a moving truck full of your stuff down a freeway in rush hour traffic? When you hire a mover, they have the truck, the liability and of course the insurance. Moving Day is stressful enough without worrying about broken turn signals and 3 point turns on a crowded city street.

Save Your Friendships:


Friends should not let friends help each other move. Sure free pizza and beer sounds like a great incentive but after the third hour of yelling, “PIVOT” down a suddenly too narrow hallway, even the best of friends wear on your patience. Movers are like friends you pay so all the stress of the day is just another day. Keep your friends for the housewarming party.

Save Your Sanity:


You got all your stuff downstairs (hooray!) but now you have to load all that stuff into a truck (uh-oh). Not only are you physically tired, but now you have to play brain gymnastics and try to fit everything into a truck that’s suddenly too small. Movers are experts at making a three-bedroom apartment fit into a one-bedroom truck. Plus your stuff won’t be rattling around in the back and what you put into the truck will arrive at your new place all in one piece.

Save Time:


Moving Day is incredibly stressful, so the quicker it’s over, the better. Movers instantly make the day less stressful and speed things along. They’ve done this dozens of times and know exactly how to get things done quickly and professionally. When you hire movers, you’re getting more than a few strong backs; you’re getting valuable hours back from your day.